Core Technologies / Network DVR

The MobiTV Network DVR (nDVR) successfully navigates complex rights management across countries by efficiently configuring for any of the governing international rules.

  • The cloud-based nDVR untethers consumers so they can watch content anytime, anywhere
  • MobiTV’s patent-pending technology has been developed for efficient, scalable storage and distribution that extends beyond the write limitations of a single storage system
  • MobiTV has uniquely implemented several modes for recording and storage to accommodate user and content rights for geographies around the world:
    • Shared copies – Constant recording of a single, cloud-based master copy of all channels offered by a service provider that can be accessed by consumers. This configuration does not require the viewer to initiate recordings and, in effect, offers Catch-Up TV and VoD for any program across multiple authorized devices, since all channels are continuously recorded
    • Personal copies – Individual programs are written to a cloud-based storage area for the individual subscriber, with a pre-designated configurable amount of available storage. When combined with MobiTV’s DRM solution, personal copies are secured, fully cacheable and support scalable and efficient delivery


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