Core Technologies / Media Distribution

The Media Distribution System delivers adaptive video streaming over various internet protocols including:

  • HTTP adaptive streaming (HLS, DASH, FMP4)
  • Unicast mode
  • Multicast mode (eMBMS)

The system optimizes quality and maximizes network efficiency across all screens using a stateless architecture that doesn’t require dedicated network resources.


Leverages the same platform to seamlessly deliver live, VoD and downloaded content across screens

Ability to work in conjunction with client technology to provide adaptive streaming for optimized performance regardless of network capacity

Live channels and VoD content switching in seconds

View content immediately, even while being downloaded

Full DRM protection across all devices, networks, and content types

Pause live and VoD content on one device type and resume viewing on another

Dynamic advertising insertion for personalized and targeted ad delivery

Support for FMP4, DASH, HTTP (HLS, DASH, FMP4) and multicast (eMBMS)


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