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Our digital rights management (DRM) system is available across multiple operating systems and supports secure live and on-demand streaming and local storage of media files for offline viewing.

The DRM has been approved by major television and movie studios. We also integrate with third-party DRM like modular Widevine, FairPlay, PlayReady, etc.

Key Features

The proven DRM solution has been approved by the major content providers

Uses industry standards – ODRL, ROAP, AES, RSA, and CENC (DASH264)

Closely integrated with MobiTV SDK for seamless deployment

Secure and processor-efficient live and on-demand streaming, offline storage and playback.

Coverage for most content types and devices:

  • Protects live, video-on-demand, and network recordings
  • Protects downloaded content for local playback, including downloaded VOD, and recordings
  • Protects content across mobile platforms (Android, iOS, WinPhone), set-top boxes, and personal computers (PCs and Macs)

Restrictions apply across all devices for an account

Supports Common Encryption (CENC), which is compatible with DASH and endorsed by UltraViolet

Supports Secure Hardware/CENC and is integrated on the security layer of leading chipset manufacturers including AmLogic, Marvell, Texas Instruments, nVidia, etc.

Business Models

The DRM supports:

  • Purchases – Allows a consumer access to an asset after initial purchase, or access to free content.
  • Subscriptions – Ability to allow consumer access to an asset after subscription obtained
  • Restrictions – Timeframe, Device, Network, Quality
  • Rentals
    • Sets an Activation Window so that viewing must start within a certain time period after rental has been purchased
    • Sets a Viewing Window so that content must be viewed within a certain time period after viewing has started, across all registered devices, for both streaming and downloads
  • Free content for unregistered users – Provides access to encrypted content for unregistered or “anonymous” users
  • Revoke licenses – Licenses can be revoked by an administrator, for example, when a subscription is canceled.

Timeframe restrictions

  • Start and end dates/times for content rights
  • Availability window

Screen (or device) restrictions

Network restrictions

Quality restrictions

Industry Standards

MobiTV uses industry-standard encryption techniques, such as:

  • Open Digital Rights Language (ODRL) – Endorsed by the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA), ODRL supports rights constraints on the permissions for an asset. MobiTV currently supports the following constraints:
    • Normalized playtime
    • Network – Wi-Fi or cellular
    • Screens types – Phone, tablet, external display, STB, or SmartTV.
    • Intervals and durations – to track start and end times for playback, including support for Deferred Playback
    • Network mask
  • Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP)
  • ROAP Server
  • Arxan application protection
  • Encryption models:
    • For content encryption: MobiTV’s Fragmented MPEG-4 (FMP4) content is encrypted using AES 256. Apple HLS is encrypted using AES. The solution also supports the MPEG standard Common Encryption Format (CEF) for FMP4 and DASH
    • Secure hardware support when available
    • Additional encryption is provided for licenses, adding another layer of encryption

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