MobiTV’s Analytics system effectively captures, monitors and reports on the lifecycle of Video on Demand (VoD), Live / Linear, Catchup TV, nDVR and usage across devices, profiles, operator network and content providers.

  • Cloud-based reporting analytics provides global scalability
  • Interactive aggregated reports via online reporting portal
  • Custom report generation for content providers and operators
  • Drill-down segmentation & analytics

Example Audience Behavior & Video Consumption Reports

  • Behavior (Navigation, Screen views, A/B results)
  • Platforms (TV, PC, Tablets, Phones, operating systems and application versions)
  • Media Usage (Viewers, Views, Duration, Data Consumption)
  • User Engagement (Sessions, App launches)
  • Popular Content (Channels, Genres, Shows, Networks)
  • Quality of Service (Media, Purchase, Authentication)
  • Subscription Reporting (Trials, Conversion, Renewals)
  • Purchase Funnel Analysis
  • Real time visualization of log data and KPI’s


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