Trying Something That’s Never Been Done Before? Top Tips from Entrepreneur Pioneers.







Jonathan Small
Executive Editor of Green Entrepreneur

Charlie Nooney, CEO of MOBITV, for Entrepreneur…

Reinvent yourself. 

“MobiTV originally built the first technology designed for mobile devices to receive live video content streams. We changed the market, then the market changed on us. The business foundations around mobile became less relevant in the marketplace as the industry evolved. However, we came to the realization that the tech developed around our legacy business was incredibly relevant to IPTV delivery of video to the home. So we figured out a way to use our technology to help a new set of customers who needed to evolve: pay-TV providers.”

Mind the gaps. 

“It’s highly unlikely that there aren’t holes in your business that need to be addressed. Look at your strengths and create a plan to fill those gaps quickly. Then, stay focused on direction so you’re taking aim at success, aggressively, with a clear understanding of what you need to do to make your team the best it can be.”

Get an early win.

“In the beginning stages of your company, there will skepticism from the market, investors, and perhaps even employees. The sooner you secure a solid win, the sooner the doubt will subside. As a leader, your job is to instill confidence in your team and anyone standing behind you in your business. No matter how ready you are to make an impact on a new industry, it’s impossible to be ready for everything. There will be bumps and surprises. Expect them and close as many positive wins as you can, from day one, to keep your team and investors focused on the positivity, while the bumps continue to show up along the road.”

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