MOBITV, NCTC Forge Next-Gen Video Deal

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Applying a stronger focus on the cable sector, MobiTV has inked an agreement with the National Cable Television Cooperative (NCTC) that will help the co-op’s membership of indie operators migrate to next-gen, IP-based platform that eschews traditional set-top boxes.

The agreement, which focuses on MobiTV Connect, an app-based multiscreen video platform, also represents a fresh approach of sorts for the co-op, which represents more than 800 pay TV providers.

Extending well beyond a traditional “hunting license” that gives a vendor the okay to cut deals with NCTC members based on pre-negotiated terms, the new agreement factors in nuances that forge a deeper business relationship between the co-op and MobiTV.

“We’re very vested in helping Mobi[TV] get to critical mass,” Rich Fickle, president and CEO of NCTC, explained. “We’re not going to be passive about this one. We’ll be very involved and supportive.”

The new deal, which Fickle called “a game-changer in some ways,” also includes an entire section covering collaboration elements between NCTC and MobiTV, such as product roadmap and how support issues are managed – components that typically are not common to the supplier agreements that NCTC has done in the past.

“You have to drive scale,” Fickle said. “And with the shift of the larger MVPDs taking a lot of R&D in-house, you have to find ways to make it worthwhile for supplying companies to invest in the tier 2/tier 3 market. We feel that it’s important that we make commitments to help those companies justify this investment.”

By Jeff Baumgartner 

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